DSO-TSO interaction

Cluster / Demo area
Western cluster / Portuguese Demonstration

Type of service: Set of APIs and related services (potential links with existing systems, backend servers and databases) to enable a streamlined automated communication between system operators, namely the Portuguese DSO and TSO. These services will allow the exchange of operational planning information to facilitate the definition of necessary actions in order to avoid grid constrains and ensure as secure and reliable grid operation.

This service is related to our Business Use Case (WECL-PT-03), where we will exchange information in several timeframes in order to improve DSO and TSO operational planning.

Addressed to:

Software Development expertise with experience in the energy sector.

Description of the scenario

Initiative: The set of APIs and related services will be implemented in order to exchange the following information:

  • Plan of grid investments foreseen
  • Expected evolution of the supply
  • Expected evolution of the consumption
  • Annual maintenance plans
  • Generation forecast

Exact Workflow:

Third Parties benefit from getting involved in the scenario:

The companies that collaborate in this project will be developing their capacities and applying their skills within the energy area. It may also be an opportunity for them to grow as companies since the experience gained in this project will allow them to work in future projects involving system operators either in Portugal or in another European country.

Added value on OneNet project: The solution we intend to implement meets the scope of the OneNet project, since based on these information exchanges it will increase the accuracy of the amount of flexibility required by both system operators. Furthermore, our goal is to develop a solution that can later be replicated by all European system operators.