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Open Call for Proposals


BD4NRG Open Call will distribute up to 500.000 EUR among up to 10 SMEs and Start-ups with the initiative to bring new application experiments, by taking up and validating the results gained in the first phase of BD4NRG. The selected applicants will contribute to the impact of BD4NRG project on the energy ecosystem and the generalisation and validation of BD4NRG framework.

The selected applicants with their participation in this Open Call will have the opportunity to:

  • Fund their innovative ideas and the execution of their projects.
  • Receive technical mentoring services provided by the core partners.   
  • Be part of BD4NRG wider network and connect with key EU stakeholders of the Electric Power and Energy Systems (EPES).
  • Receive max. 60 000 EUR funding

With this Open Call, BD4NRG is looking for applicants that will introduce new services by adopting the BD4NRG infrastructure and framework. Applicants are asked to submit proposals under one of the following 4 topics with the initiative to promote the development of new tools, services and activities.

The topics that the proposals shall address are:

  1. Efficiency and reliability of electricity networks operation improvement
  2. Optimisation of grid and distributed assets
  3. Sustainable energy investments
  4. Cross-Cutting Applications

The descriptions of the 4 topics are available here.


Financial support will be provided to SMEs and Start-ups legally established in an EU Member State or in an Associated Country (as stated in Article 7 of the Horizon2020 Regulation). Only single entities are eligible. The legal entity is required to possess a validated Participant Identification Code (this code is provided for interested parties to participate in EU funding programmes and procurements). However, at the moment of submission, the entity can apply with the provisional PIC.


Only proposals submitted before the deadline will be accepted. Applicants will be able to resubmit their proposals until the deadline.

BD4NRG Open Call closed on December 15, 2022 (17:00h CET Brussels time).


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