Active participation of an actual prosumer to the Cyprus demo and its coordination by the ABCM-D platform

Cluster / Demo area
Southern cluster / Cyprus demonstration.

Technical details: The applicants must develop a prosumer-level energy management solution with API framework to facilitate the secure interconnection between the ABCM-D platform and the prosumer. It should be noted that the ABCM-D platform will be used in the Cyprus demonstration of the OneNet project for providing the capabilities to the DSOs to: (1) monitor in real time the operating condition of the distribution grid through SCADA and smart meters measurements, (2) prequalify any products and services procured to the market by the FSPs located at the distribution level in order to ensure the safe operation of the distribution grid, (3) coordinate the flexibility services provided by the FSPs in the distribution grid, (4) evaluate online the response of the FSPs during and after the provision of services for frequency balancing and congestion management. In addition, the prosumer-level energy management solution (of the third party) should be able to exchange information with the ABCM-D platform related to: (a) fast reporting consumption and generation measurements from the prosumer and (b) coordination signals sent by the DSO for provision of ancillary services by the prosumer. 

The applicants must have at their disposal a prosumer that will be equipped with a three phase interconnected PV system with at least 5 kwp installed capacity, battery energy storage system, fast reporting smart meter (with at least 400 ms reporting rate) and be able to provide active and reactive power regulation services within a range of 5 seconds. The prosumer must be located in Cyprus in order to have identical environmental and operating condition with the digital twin of the Cyprus power system. The prosumer will contribute to the voltage and congestion management services that are directly linked with the two BUCs of the demo. The interface between the prosumer and the ABCM-D platform should be able to send measurements regarding the operating conditions at the prosumer level (through smart meter, PV inverter) and receive coordination signal provided by the ABCM-D platform to regulate the operation of the flexible resources. The communication should be secured either by encrypted communication protocol over the internet or through secure VPN channel.

Addressed to:

SME that can provide a flexible energy management solution and will enable the interconnection of the prosumer with the ABCM-D platform. The expertise field of the potential applicants should include, control and management of energy storage and PV systems, monitoring of prosumer operation status, API development.      

Description of the scenario

Initiative: Enable the participation of an actual prosumer in the Cyprus demonstration

Exact Workflow: The energy management system at the prosumer level will send smart meter measurement to the ABCM-D platform (located at the UCY (DSO control center emulator)). The prosumer will be emulated in the digital twin of the distribution grid (using the field measurements). Based on the operating condition of the distribution grid, the ABCM-D platform will define and send the coordination signals to the flexible resources of the distribution and to the actual prosumer. The energy management system at the prosumer level will receive the coordination signals and will manage its own resources to satisfy the DSO requests.

Expected outcome: Validate the control of the prosumer by the ABCM-D platform in real environment and demonstrate the impact on the distribution grid operation by the active coordination of end-users. 

Important information for applicants:

Brief information with the power system testbed where the energy management solution of the applicant should be interconnected:

More information will follow as the demo is implemented.

Third Parties benefit from getting involved in the scenario:

Participation in a prestigious EU project that will allow the applicants to showcase their solutions in a realistic environment for active distribution grid.

Incorporation of Third Parties for network operators and household consumers:

The third party will involve an active household consumer that will be coordinated by the rules defined at the Cyprus demonstration. The network operator will be able to receive fast reporting measurements from the prosumer and will coordinate its operation for the provision of ancillary services to the active distribution grid. The incorporation of an actual prosumer to the Cyprus demo of OneNet and the ability of the operator to actively coordinate its operation will demonstrate the benefits of the active distribution grid. 

Added value on OneNet project: The interconnection of an actual prosumer to the Cyprus demonstration system and its coordination through the ABCM-D platform will be showcased in a real-life demonstration. The scenario will highlight the impact on the distribution grid operation by real time coordinating of the end-users. Furthermore, through this scenario the importance of enabling the synergies between the DSO and the prosumer will be emerged. The third-party involvement to the OneNet project with the incorporation of an actual prosumer will facilitate the acquisition of fast reporting data (from the prosumer side) and the exchange of information between the prosumer and the operator. This information exchange can be either enabled by direct communication between the ABCM-D platform and the prosumer energy management platform or through the OneNet system.