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Other legal entities that participate in Horizon 2020 by carrying out some tasks in an action, but which do not sign the Grant Agreement (including entities linked to the beneficiaries) are considered as “third parties involved in an action” (Article 8 of the Annotated Model GA). They are not bound by the terms and conditions of the Grant Agreement and consequently, the European Union (represented by the Commission or another funding body) has no obligation vis-à-vis third parties. If necessary to implement the action, beneficiaries may use contracts and sub-contracting for the purchase of goods, works or services, in-kind contributions provided by third parties and also linked third parties carrying out tasks under an action.
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Yes, this Open Call is part of EU-funding project, so there should be a clear distinction between direct and indirect costs. Each proposal should include justifications of costs and resources. Checking the consistency between these costs and the expected work of the experiment will be part of the evaluation of application services.

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The financial support to each legal entity will not exceed 60.000€.

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BD4NRG Open Call will fund up to 10 SMEs and Start-ups.

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BD4NRG Open Call will distribute up to 500.000 EUR among up to 10 SMEs/Start-ups with the initiative to bring new application experiments, by taking up and validating the results gained in the first phase of BD4NRG.

Applicants are asked to submit proposals under one of the 4 topics published in the Guide for Applicants. Please advise section 2.4 of the Guide for Applicants for the topics’ descriptions.

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Selected applicants will receive their grant on a rolling basis throughout the project. They will receive a pre-financing of up to 40 % of their respective total funding amount for project work commencing. Further payments will be made upon successful completion of activities and deliverables.

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